About hotpot

Hot pot is a kind of original food in China, which has a long history. In general, hot pot is a cooking method which uses a pot and heat source to boil the soup and boil meat and vegetables. Its characteristic is that people can cook while eat. When people eat a hot pot, the foods are still steaming, and the soup and meat or vegetables are boiled together. There are foods which are similar to hot pot around the world, but it is particular popular in east Asia. Typical hot pot ingredients include all kinds of meat, seafood, vegetables, soy products, fungus, mushrooms, and so on, these materials are put into a special soup-stock pot and boiled and then eaten after dipping the seasoner that people like.

We adopt mini hot pot, and everyone has a small pot. The soup is soup-stock which is cooked with big bones, and then you can choose the hotpot materials you like.

Beef tallow spicy hot pot:
The soup is made from big bone soup-stock, hot pepper, Chinese prickly ash, fermented glutinous rice cream, and many spices, and its taste both spicy and hot, so it is very suitable for eating in winter so as to dispel wind-cold.
Mushroom hot pot:
Mushroom soup is made from a variety of edible fungus, and many edible mushrooms are always honored as a kind of precious healthy foods with a very high nutritional value. General mushrooms cans improve the body immunity against various diseases, inhibit the increase of cholesterol in the liver, promote the blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, nourish the skin and so on.

Tomato hot pot:
Tomato hot pot tastes delicious, and people can cook fresh seafood, animal meat and all kinds of vegetables in it. Before eating, people can also enjoy the soup. Tomatoes are rich in many kinds of vitamins which are necessary for human body, especially vitamin C, which can contribute to human’s digestion and slow down the skin aging. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of people to eat.

Pickled Chinese cabbage hot pot:

Pickled Chinese cabbage tastes salty, sour and crisp, and it has a bright color and a sharp aroma. Meanwhile, it can stimulate people’s appetite, refresh spirit and sober up; It can not only enhance appetite and help digestion, but also promote human body to absorb iron element. The fermentation of pickled Chinese cabbage is a result that lactic acid bacteria break down carbohydrates in Chinese cabbage and produce lactic acid. Lactic acid is an organic acid, which can enhance appetite and promote digestion after being absorbed by human body. At the same time, if the cabbage becomes sour, its nutrient composition is not easy to be damaged. In addition, it tastes delicious, and it is nutritious. Pickled Chinese cabbage can prevent constipation and enteritis, reduce blood cholesterol levels and liver fat concentration.
Korean teppanyaki:

First of all, waiters coat a thin layer of oil on the iron plate, and then put the undercut,  ox tongue, seafood, fish fillet and other materials on it. In the blink of an eye, meat aroma will enter into your lungs. At the same time, coupled with the Zi Zi sound that meat is cooked in the oil, the people sitting around can hardly wait to taste. Korean teppanyaki takes beef as a main food material, and sirloin, ox tongue, seafood, fish fillet and so on all are delicious materials of Korean barbecue, but toasted beef tenderloin and ox tongue are most famous.

The meat which is used for Korean teppanyaki isn’t simmered in advance, and its taste is mainly from the juice. Different barbecue adopts different sauces, for example, if you eat roast pork, you would need a special sauce for roasted pork; if you eat roast beef, you would need a special sauce for roast beef. Each juice is carefully prepared with a dozen spices, and plus the dipping sauces with a variety of flavors, we believe that you can find the one you like. How are these delicious sauces are made? Maybe only the chef can clearly understand.